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Only People who go to heaven while living can live in heaven

People whose consciousness is living will live and those whose consciousness is dead will die. In general it is accepted that we go to heaven or hell after death, but if we do not become Truth now, we already live in hell. When we watch a movie we become involved in it. We must follow […]

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A Fine Mind

    The mind should be fine When the mind is unclean It is not fine but coarse It is a muddle of this and that A coarse mind has many conflicts To have many conflicts means that Life is difficult Happiness, wealth, fame are only for a fine mind There is only unhappiness for […]

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The Mind of Nature

One has become the mind of nature when he is without the mind of blame, without envy, jealousy or conceit, without judgement of right and wrong, discernment of this and that; when all human minds have disappeared, his mind is the mind of nature.

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